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Our Stainless Journey

We are delighted to welcome you to our Company. Our team of committed professionals has made us one of the most trusted mining companies in Indonesia. Anugerah Surya Pratama combines strong history of success as nickel producer with a focus on innovation and development on local communities.

We have built a solid foundation of success based on our integrity and commitment to our customers and we will continue to deliver excellence on our services.
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  • Our Journey
    Our Journey
    In 2003, We set up PT Anugerah Surya Pratama in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. Right from the start, we were determined to make great things and in 2004, we were awarded nickel concession in Raja Ampat. By 2007, we made our first shipment of nickel ore from Manuran ...Read on
  • Vision & Values
    Vision & Values
    As we are grateful and humbly believe our company existence is an “Anugerah Surya Pratama”, the divine gift bestowed upon us, we believe it is our responsibility to be the “Pratama” in performing and progressing our business to be like “Surya” which in succession brings everlasting ...Read on
  • Development Policy
    Development Policy
    Our vision and mission is to improve the quality of life of the people living in the ASP mining area in order to create a self-sustained community in the future. We also organize Community Development Programs that is directed and planned towards prioritizing key ...Read on
  • Locality

    Rumah Pintar (RumPin) is a program that focuses on alternative education as a supplement to formal education. RumPin is one of Indonesia Pintar’s programs established by SIKIB (Solidaritas...
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